5. Success Stories and Positive change

Revealing Culture Exhibition at the Smithsonian International

In 2010 VSA International put together a wonderful and empowering exhibition of artists with disabilities at the Smithsonian International in Washington D.C. The exhibition design was done by famous designer with a disability, Michael Graves. My artwork was selected for this show along with many others. Being part of that exhibition did more for my art and morale. It gave artists with disabilities a voice and in an important place. There was a performance that went along with the opening of the exhibition at the Kennedy Center and there were performers with disabilities from all over the world. I still get notes from visitors to the exhibition saying that they saw my work there at the Smithsonian. How cool is that? If there were more exhibitions that highlight the work of artists with disabilities, it would make it easier for many to get a jump start in their art careers like I did. I was proud to be a part of this and it would be great if there was an exhibition in a place like MOMA or a wing just for artists with disabilities at the Venice Biennale! That would really be something.


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