1. Challenges and opportunities for Careers in the Arts

Reflection #1

Just coming onto this site and not attached to getting points-- I'd like to articulate that there have always been challenges for all communities and the notion idea and 'fact' of the word 'disability' has never been truly understood or well-represented in the context of (cultural beliefs about health) and the perception (and the trajectory of being in the state of 'wellness' is not a fixed condition of 'health' for all humans nor (wildlife or plants). To be in one state also can and will shift to becoming something else). A possible other self borrowing from 'possible selves'. What defines and constitutes being 'disabled' and/or a having a 'disability' shifts from one continuum to the next, and all within a span of our life time--however long or temporary that may be. As example, at one point one may not be 'disabled' but each person at one point in their life will become 'disabled' by some degree due to human nature, biology, physiology, and genetics, (unless science (again) surprises the human condition in eradicating the concept of 'disability' and highlighting the 'disease' stages. Yet stigma and punitive measures in society exist at various sites and sources in the 'labor' force and within our culture(s). Hence, many do not understand the depth of the roots of 'trauma' which can constitute (has long-term affects) and as a 'disability' it is not only until recently that we are becoming more aware of this meaning but may have forgot the history of slavery (as we knew if from its historical beginnings) and other forms of 'disabling' a person based on medicine, treatment, and/or lack of treatment--social cues of engaging humans socially. Yet, how the idea of 'disability' inhibits the human and inalienable rights to access resources for survival is of paramount concern for 'success' whether in a 'career' or in the world is an obstacle that is still ever present in the here and now of 2016. (Because of this people are in hiding or alienated and disenfranchised due to lack of knowledge of how to survive in a world that might dispose them if they don't 'win' - survival of the fittest where only the best get better, if you will, have access, knowledge literacy, but the so so - less than does not advance... .) This factor alone (as an example) isolates and dis empowers those whom may want to be or already are a visible part of society. Class or caste. Additionally, there's much to reflect on about the historical ties to 'disability' where as one example, incorrectly 'diagnosing' an individual is also like diagnosing a community and oft leave, taboos and stigma, where many will continue to live under that threshold of existence, if that, in isolation that creates subcultures within cultures. Class, race, gender, power dynamics of health status, identity, and human sexuality are all relative factors and isims which impact societal views, mis-perceptions that also impact: policy and social and disengagement in the 'labor' force and out of the 'work (labor force) place.' In short, it has the power to erase a culture and communities, as well, offers a glimpse as to what is taking place with environments and businesses and collapses for which we are (now working towards filling in). An interesting reflection is that there are historical figures who were 'disabled' men in particular who ran the country but had no qualms that I am aware of in being present before a social body public. On the other hand, women were banished from society for many characteristics that deemed them as 'ill' or 'sick' and 'unfit', and yet there is a history of denials that exists in institutions that we must reexamine and 'diagnose'? -- today. How we deem one as 'mentally ill' or the other as 'ill-tempered' but 'sane' and yet this is critical to understanding how can one be 'employed' even if 'self-employed' (produce -- 'production' 'work' with labor) in sickness and health) and yet be denied as a valued contribution in the 'work' force in a part of society without being demonized or categorized as 'lazy' or not capable' or 'work hard' due to a physical challenge or even a 'temporary emotional challenge' perhaps caused by their society demise a predicated within society that created the symptom - the same one that dismisses their place or rather status in society? This is yet another example of what aspects or characteristics of a person that may not be understood by all about that being able and not able. Finally, in order to have a 'career' (though) the language is in some aspect is a deterrent to the notion of what constitutes a career if you or what you do or create or labor over whether 'ill' not feeling well' or like sports figures out on injury are not in the labor force? Labor should count in all facets and not just for a few... . Opportunities: People must make and create their own and yet should be supported because of the humanity of being independent is also in context, because interdependent need and a basic human right to not be isolated by class, education, knowledge or lack of knowledge, ability versus the idea of not possessing the ability is misconstrued in our society - see it in the great value as with sports, and how it is deemed a 'career' when one (1) makes millions yet when (1) does something else their 'labor' -- 'work' makes next to nothing. See how Mark Twain and other well-known figures no pun intended, died! I think Mark Twain might say that this is not so satirical at all. He is just 1 of many examples of what and who we value of the human being(s and their spirit), how we lack value over one for the other. Thus, opportunity does not come easy and it does, but unless you make it happen. If you can. Yet life can also bring surprises when humanity and compassion come to play in the field.


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