1. Challenges and opportunities for Careers in the Arts

Reality check..........

All artists, disabled or not, have trouble finding/creating outlets for their works. Though, there is another issue for disabled... Those that rely on government benefits, do not file income tax. As soon as we do, the government benefits are stopped. The Federal government does not want to seem to understand that this income is not stable or a just one time success. Another issue is mobility. I think many would agree that in most arts, to be a demanded artist, one needs to be on everyone's radar, so to speak. Our society is based on exchange of money.


OK, here comes the reality check, please don't get upset or discouraged. Relax, it has always been like this, for centuries. None of this is about disability. I can name you many creative people with disabilities who are born into families that have the resources to help them, and they are doing great. Bless them! It's all about the exposure. So, how does one get exposure without receiving money to pay for exposure?


This is one heck of a riddle. I can think of one thing, but this has to be based on trust, and it has to be initiated by the Federal government. A site like etsy, not for just people with disabilities, for everyone. What is the catch? The money from sales of work will go towards 3 things. You would report exactly what it took you to create a particular work. That money will go back to you, so you can continue to create. The rest of the money will go towards advertising of this, common site. If there is anything left, that will be given to a nonprofit/caused of your choice. This will help with money management and exposure. Once the artist will feel like they have enough money flow to take care of themselves (food, shelter, transportation, health insurance, clothing, and most important, CAREGIVER), they can keep everything and participate in income tax. Until such decision is made, an individual will continue to receive the appropriate benefits. Like I said, this initiative has to come from IRS. This cannot be done solely by the private sector, only some of it can be, because of tax accounting... A brick and mortar version can also be tested, where all artists can come inside and offer their works to the foot traffic. This can effectively replace book, music, and other dying stores, not to mention it will increase human interaction, which is also dying right now...


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