1. Challenges and opportunities for Careers in the Arts


With certain requirements and under certain obligation, individuals with proven disability and/or low income, those should be allowed to claim a status of a nonprofit. This should be easily available, without government or lawyer fees. This way artists will not worry about losing their lifeline, medication and caregiver. Also, artists would be able to get the assistance from many corporations. For example, Godaddy offers a marketing package, for about $35 a month, to nonprofits. Boy, I sure could use that for my site. But with an income of $900, I have to watch every penny. Many opportunities would open up for artists that are alone and greatly struggling.


Since this forum is coming to its highlight, for this year, I would like to share something with you, from my last book.....


"Just Say


I had a vision that we're wearing masks,

'cause atmosphere is filled with agents of the anti-H attacks.

We're trying to grasp the last of human tracks, to know how normal feels.

What left of human thrills, I offer you, in hand with beating heart.

My pulse is almost off the chart, only a thought of you is keeping me alive.

I love you, to survive. I breathe you in, like oxygen that makes my blood so high.

So please, reply, before these blinking screens will go awry.

Just whisper louder than electronic sigh, exhale sweet reminder of hope.

My cherished thought is that you can see in me a little more than just bar code.

I trusted that the spark within your eye would never turn remote and cold.

I promised, I would be your fort, and I would never let your faith to drown.

Don't look away or down, as if I'm not even of your kind.

My passcard got declined, and yours has few more digits, left.

My body, scarred and misaligned. Consider me Creation's draft.

Through solar wind, this planet is our craft. I am a fragile drop of water, just like you.

My stubborn faith in us may be so daft, but I can never hold the thought of giving up on you."


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