5. Success Stories and Positive change

My Story

My name is Diana Elizabeth Jordan

I am an actor/storyteller and speaker. I have cerebral palsy that mildly affects my speech and gait. I known since I was a young girl that I wanted to be an actor and I feel very fortunate for the opportunities that I have had. There have been many challenges but the rewards always out weigh them. I have worked in film theater and television. I have a Masters of Fine Arts in Acting and am I member of SAG-AFTRA and Actors Equity Association. I also serve on SAG-AFTRA's PWD committee and I teach and coach acting at Performing Arts Studio West , a professional training studio for the actors with disabilities.

I have seen a lot of positive changes since my career began but it often seems like a step and 1/2 forward then 1 step back.


Disability still seems like an afterthought when it comes to diversity dialogues. With the recent #Oscarsowhite campaign disability wasn't mentioned at all. More often than not disability is excluded from diversity images and discussions. I am not saying it doesn't happen but it needs to always happen.

I think we also need to see diverse images of our own community in terms of ethnicity, age, glbt. played by actors with disabilities. Progress is slow but I definitely see some progress being made

Diana Elizabeth Jordan



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