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I have a dissability...

My name is Brandon Michael Scarth, and as I said, I have a dissability. But that's not really what I came on here to talk to you all about. I came on here to say that it MAY SUCK...HORRIBLY, but, it's my life now. Maybe someday they'll find a way to make it ALL better...but right now...its just a fact!!! So, I would like to share with you...some advice...whether you TAKE it or not is ENTIRELY up to YOU!!


For those of you without a dissablity, I would say, START PAYING ATTENTION to the WORLD around you!! There are probably disabled people who ride you BUS, or at the COFFEE shop you like to go to, or a DISABLED person at your LYBRARY, or a disabled person at your WORK!!! There are disabled people EVERYWHERE!!! There's nothing you can do about it! So maybe the next time you see someone who looks like they might have a dissability...maybe you should try TALKING to them!!! See what's going on in there world. There may be a BUDDING FRIENDSHIP just waiting around the corner!!!


For those of you WITH a DISABILITY...remember that it's not EVERY DAY one of these people see us and actually TALK to us. I know, it SUCKS, but, what am I, or YOU, or ANYBODY ELSE with a brain injury gonna DO ABOUT IT? Honestly, it's ok. They may drop the talking to you rag THIS TIME...but maybe they WON'T. It's not ONLY there fault for not talking to us. It's also EVERYBODY ELSE'S fault as well!!! Seriously, life sucks, I know better than most! But, there are also people who are worse off than ME!!!!! I mean, I got the will to type up this HUGE speech and some people...some people can't even TYPE!!!


I don't know the answer to EVERYTHING...matter of fact...I can't even do some 1st level algebra...no, I am just ONE man. I am just ONE man in a virtual SEA of guys AND girls who for the most part...don't even know the next door neighbors got three kids, AND one of them is DISABLED. I don't know...I just had to get up and say SOMETHING!


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