1. Challenges and opportunities for Careers in the Arts

Full Inclusion Art Ed

As an art educator I see a big opportunity for individuals with disabilities to simply be included pre k-college in the arts curriculum that is available to all the students in a given building. Teachers willfully work with artist that are in their minds "gifted" artists but often won't take that extra time with students with disabilities.

When we take this time it can open up conversations about opportunities in the arts past k-12. A young student on the autism spectrum that I worked with in his k-1st grade years is one of the most gifted young sculptors I ever met. I was one of the first educators that ever had a discussion with his parents about him going to college. They were so thankful that someone else believed that their kid's future was as full of possibilities as their older daughter who was in an academic magnet school.

It took alot of energy,collaborating with his one-on-one aid, general Ed teacher and parents but the payoff was so big. Whether students go on to become a professional artists or not I believe that as art educators we must take the time to ensure every student in our classes know they have PERMISSION to think of themselves as artists training to become professionals.


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