1. Challenges and opportunities for Careers in the Arts

Creative Leveraging

Imagine Art is a community where artists with and without disabilities gather for art making. Our space recruits a wide spectrum of people (with and without disabilities). We have artists with developmental disabilities that have access to Medicaid Waiver dollars for community based support. We have artists with mental illness that are seeking to serve others and access part time gigs in the arts. We have non-disabled artists that are seeking to support their art-making habit. We are finding creative ways to leverage Medicaid Waiver dollars (day habitation, respite, community support and pas hab dollars) to hire artists to work with other artists. Essentially we are matching artists for peer support and together they go make art, explore the arts and jump into the scene as volunteers, exhibiting artists, etc.

I think there is a BIGGER opportunity to partner with the state supported living centers to create jobs for artists that support people with profound disabilities, leveraging Medicaid dollars. By re-purposing aging 100 acre facilities owned by the states, we could create arts district destinations that offer affordable live-work for artists with increased opportunity for work in the arts (studios, galleries, etc.). If you build it they will come!


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