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5. Success Stories and Positive change

Create a new industry category: Accommodations Marketing

As we all know, businesses and event hosts everywhere are often requested to accommodate special requests, and that it's expensive and/or time consuming to accommodate. Many refuse to do so when they find out what it will cost, or says they don't have the time.


Recently, I calculated that up to 34% of the population in the United States alone have a disability, food allergy, or speaks/signs a different language.


We need to form together and say "we are 34% of America. If we see that accommodations we need are already provided, we are ___% more likely to buy." (need to do a study to fill in that %). Our cumulative dollars make it an attractive sector. It's already happening - some premium hotels advertise hypoallergenic rooms. Let's claim that category and set the message that it's not "support" or "needs" or "help these poor suffering people," but instead "Smart Business!"


Let's band together and establish a new industry category, "Accommodations Marketing" and use this as the definition:


Accommodations Marketing refers to marketing activity that targets group(s) of individuals based on their need for accommodations, either proactive or reactive.

Proactive accommodations marketing means that the provider has decided to include accommodations marketing as part of the marketing strategy.

Reactive is when a request for accommodations is made and an expense is incurred - and the provider starts engaging in accommodations marketing, to either recoup the cost or attract more attendees now that the accommodation is available for that target segment.


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