5. Success Stories and Positive change

Artists with disabilities teaching art

It is said that "those who can, do. Those who can't, teach." I disagree with this whole heartedly! It is my opinion that one of the greatest ways to promote artists with disabilities is to have them teach art. I personally am not a fan of being labeled as an artist with a disability, because art is my primary therapy for overcoming said disability, and I know that isn't possible for all artists, but why make a special category just for artists with disabilities. From my point of view, that segregates us further. It is my current goal to become an art teacher, to talk to my students about art and how it helped me learn to cope with Combat PTSD, 5 Traumatic Brain Injuries and a muscle disorder no one can put a name to. I don't want to be labeled as an artist with a disability, I want to be known as an artist and art teacher who helped young people to understand the therapeutic and healing abilities of art! I feel like that should be our goal, not further segregating ourselves from the artist community, but joining it, bolstering it and teaching about it!


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